Nyheder: ‘koncerter’

Tirsdag d.17. november:William Westney’s Introductory Lecture as Hans Christian Andersen.

Onsdag 14. oktober 2009 kl. 10:52

Syddansk Universitet, Campusvej 55, 5230 Odense.”Experience and Inquiry – A Musical Journey” Learning the skills of concert performance in private, and presenting music in public, are both highly distilled and specialized activities. Due to the fact, though, that musical processes involve so many aspects of a person, all working together – physical, analytical, emotional, aesthetic, practical, communicative, epistemological, etc. – the implications for philosophy and pedagogy can be wide indeed. Although the material of music is abstract and non-verbal, musical experiences are strikingly real and immediate, and musical content communicates with uncanny power. This lecture presents some ongoing findings from observing this realm of experience, as well as its intriguing relevance to the work of H.C. Andersen. Solo piano performances will be included.

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